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Field Service

MTF technicians provide in-plant service throughout the southeast, from small machine shops to large international companies. Any job will be completed from start to finish, including troubleshooting, parts location and purchasing, re-assembly and test run.

MTF offers fully comprehensive preventive maintenance programs.

Working closely with a maintenance supervisor, MTF can schedule machining and grinding operations weeks in advance, so machines are down a minimum time for repair.

Machine Alignments and Calibration

If a machine does not need a complete rebuild but will not hold tolerances, MTF can grind scrape and align the machine for a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. This process includes grinding hardened ways and hand scraping mating components for proper fit, alignment, and oil retention. In many cases turcite will be applied to bring all axis back to original alignments.

Typical work performed on site may include the following:

  • Ballscrew installation and repair
  • Spindle service including removal and installation
Machine Alignments can be returned to original specifications with precision hand scraping and precision way grinding.